developing confidence through reinforcement

Not quite your typical math sheet!

The Cross-Number Discovery Puzzles & Games series is based on a grade-level curriculum, but its use is not restricted by curriculum. A Grade 4 student not performing at grade level will benefit from the puzzles in Cross-Number Discovery Puzzles & Games Book 3; and an advanced Grade 2 student will embrace the challenges in Cross-Number Discovery Puzzles & Games Book 3.  This innovative series is designed to meet students where they are in their learning and to help take them to the next level.

at their own pace, at their own level, but at the same time!

An entire classroom can be working on Cross-Number Discovery Puzzles & Games at the same time, each student at his or her own level. Regardless of their level, students using Cross-Number Discovery Puzzles & Games will grow, discover and learn with these reinforcing and increasingly challenging materials.  The Cross-Number Discovery Puzzles & Games series offers five levels. Each resource contains a minimum of 40 puzzles. The gradual introduction of new number concepts, strategies and skills – together with the reinforcement of those already learned – helps students gain confidence in their ability to do mathematics.

The puzzles and games also give teachers a useful diagnostic lens that helps identify gaps in a student’s comprehension. Cross-Number Discovery Puzzles & Games give teachers a chance to interact with students needing help with early number. Using this frequently self-correcting tool, teachers can help their students discover their potential, feel good about their learning and feel good about themselves.

The puzzles and games are also a powerful invitation for parental involvement. Parents and children can work together on the puzzles or games as a fun activity as mathematics comprehension deepens at home.

French, Spanish and UK versions of this series are also available for download.


loves this product!

“A good easy way to learn and it’s fun.”

Grade 3 Student

“The puzzles are a fun way to review many math concepts in one activity. My students love them, and I use the different levels, depending on each student’s ability.”

Francesca Gallo, Grade 4 Teacher

“Celia Baron’s puzzles have been a huge hit in my classroom. When it is time to do a puzzle, the kids actually cheer! I would recommend the puzzles to any teacher.”

Leanne Ryrie, Grade 2 Teacher