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The Cross-Number Discovery Puzzles series is anchored by Math Recovery, a proven intervention framework launched in 1992.

The framework is designed to help elementary students develop early numeracy skills. Because the system includes a significant analysis and assessment component, and an emphasis on one-on-one teaching, teachers can easily identify students who are at risk of falling behind their peers and develop strategies to help these students along.

With innovative tools, like Cross-Number Discovery Puzzles, students’ thought processes are stimulated as they begin to grasp number concepts. The research shows a measurable and significant impact on student performance.

While Math Recovery is usually utilized with individual students who struggle with mathematics, the system is also in wide use with small groups, whole classes and in special education environments. At all levels, students show progress.

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james r. martland

director, mathematics
recovery program (u.k.)

“Celia Baron successfully draws upon the concepts of the Mathematics Recovery Program, and provides educators with exciting tools… The puzzles support learning and are a welcome and innovative addition to the field of mathematics education.”

As educators, we dreamed of a product that would help students learn and help teachers teach. It had to be interactive, provide immediate teaching feedback for students, and contain a large database of questions so students could have ample opportunities to master concepts. It had to be practical and easy to use.