M.Sc. Mathematics, M.Sc. Mathematics Education

Celia Baron’s passion for mathematics is enormous. This creative Canadian educator has devoted her career to helping students discover the wonder of numbers and develop a deep appreciation for mathematics.

In 1996 Celia created MathImagine, a educational consultancy with a focus on developing and publishing innovative materials for the teaching of early number.  Her efforts to celebrate the study of mathematics extend well beyond the classroom. Over the years, Celia Baron has published more than 200 puzzles for Math Power Magazine and Puzzlemania Magazine. She has also done curriculum writing and development for the Province of Manitoba and has led numerous workshops and professional development events for teachers across North America.

Celia Baron has also authored and co-authored a number of influential and popular texts and curriculum materials for mathematics education, including:

  • Thinking Strategies (Portage and Main Press)
  • Brain Sizzlers: Puzzles for Critical Thinkers (Good Year Books)
  • Time for Times: A Resource for Building Mastery of the Multiplication Facts (MathImagine)
  • Essentials of Mathematics 10 (Pacific Educational Press)
  • Essentials of Mathematics 11 (Pacific Educational Press)
  • Essentials of Mathematics 12 (Pacific Educational Press)
  • Consumer Mathematics, Grades 10–12 (Province of Manitoba)
  • The Learning Equation (ITP Nelson)

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“For a teacher, there is no greater experience than that incredible moment when a student just ‘gets it’– that ‘a-ha’ moment when you know that you’ve made a difference. As a mathematics teacher, I devoted my career to helping young learners become more comfortable with mathematics and more passionate about it. As an author, trainer and developer of teaching materials, I do my best to share my enthusiasm with my fellow educators and to create tools to make those ‘a-ha’ moments happen more often. I hope you will enjoy introducing your students to Cross-Number Discovery Puzzles and seeing what a difference it will make!”

Celia Baron,